Hiking: The Albanian Alps area offers hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Somethematic trails, such as literature trails, the chestnut trail or the strawberry trail, havealso been developed recently. All trails are marked with red and white signage. Thebest way to obtain information about the trails and their starting points is to ask orhire a local mountain guide.

Marking of the trails is done with the following marking systems red and white, a system that is now installed in the entire Albania. 


The Peaks of the Balkans

The Peaks of the Balkans is a magnificent trail which runs through the mountains of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro and is over 192 km long. To begin walking the Peaks of the Balkans, we recommend beginning in Theth or Valbona in Albania, Plav in Montenegro or Peja in Kosovo. The trail can be completed in 10 or 13 days depending on the motivation and physical conditions. The level of difficulty varies from easy to moderate, however one should be in good physical condition and have appropriate equipment for trekking (such as appropriate shoes, raincoats, flashlights, GPS and first aid kit). Even though the trail is marked, it is recommended that trekking takes place in groups or with a guide since the trail goes through areas which are not really populated. Some mountain guides have received training through GIZ projects tailored to meet the expectations of international tourists. They are familiar with the trail and have been certified by DAV (DeutscherAlpenverein – the German Alpine Association).

For further information about mountain guides, accommodation, procedures, detailed description of the different stages (including GPS tracks), visit:

I: http://www.peaksofthebalkans.com


Trails marked in Theth

  1. Theth (centre) - Zorgji’sPeak - QafëThore - Rranza -Gjeçaj - Theth (round trip)
  2. Theth (centre) -RrethiiVizhnës- crossroad to Nikç- Stanet e Pejës- QafëPejë- Theth (round trip)
  3. Theth (centre) - ShteguiDhenëve - QafëThore - Rranza - Theth (round trip)
  4. Theth (centre) - QukuiNënshtekut - ShteguiDhenëve - GropaPortës - FushaOkol - Bogë
  5. Theth (centre) - Ulaj - Gumnarë - FushaDenellit-Gumnarë - Gurët ë Dudeve-Theth (round trip)
  6. Theth (centre)-Ulaj - Gumnarë - FushaDenellit - Qafa e BoshitCurrajiEpërm (connection to theNikaj-Mërtur Regional Nature Park)
  7. Theth (church) - Ulaj - Nënrreth - Gjelaj-Theth (round trip)
  8. Theth (Okol) -Qafa e Pejës - Stanet e Pejës - Qafa e Prozhnit - Gropa e Koprishtit - Qafa e Jamës-Lëpushë
  9. Theth (Okol) - RrethiiVizhnës - Stanet e Praçes - Ali Pasha’s Spring - Nikç (connection to Vermosh)
  10. Theth (Gjelaj) - BreguiBubës - Qafa e Valbonës -Valbonë
  11. Theth (church) - KullaNgujimit-Grunas waterfall - Canyon of Grunas- Theth (round trip)
  12. Theth (centre) - Grunas - Kanioni - Ndërlysa - Kaprre (SyriBlu) - QafëThore
  13. Theth (Okol) - QafaPejës - Stanet e Pejës - FushaRunicës-Vusanje, Montenegro.

Shtigje të shënuara nëValbonë/ Trails marked in Valbona 

  1. Rosi’s Peak/ Maja e Rosit
  2. Path along the River to Cerem/ ShtegutpërgjatëlumitCerrem
  3. Valbonë - Stanet e Markofshes (Mountain Huts of Markofsha)
  4. Valbonë - Stanet e ZharritteGjeles- Valbonë (Huts of ZharriiGjelës)
  5. Valbonë- QafaPersllopit-Cerem (Peak of Persllopi)
  6. Valbone(Dragobi) - Stanet e Drockes (Huts of Drocka)
  7. Valbona - KujiiRrogamit – Valbona
  8. Ujevara e Valbones/ Valbona Waterfall

Shtigje të shënuara në Kelmend 

9a        Shtegu i pyllit - Trail of the forest (round trip):

            Vermosh (center) -  Skrapatush – Vermosh (center)           

 9b       Shtegu i pyllit - Trail of the forest:

            Vermosh (center) – Shkalla e Rikavecit           

10a      Shtegu i Kërshit të Djegur - Trail of Kërshi i Djegur(round trip):

            Vermosh Bashkim – Qafa e Kujtë – KërshiiDjegur – Vermosh Bashkim           

10b     Shtegu i luleve – Trail of flowers (round trip):

            Vermosh Bashkim – Qafa e Kujtë – Liqejve – Vermosh Bashkim           

10c      Shtegu i minierave – Trail of mines (round trip):

            Vermosh Bashkim – Qafa e Kujtë – Gjelogjia – Vermosh Bashkim 

11a      Shtegu i italianëve – Trail of Italians:

            Vermosh Bashkim – Kantieri i Budaçit – Qafa e Përdolecit           

11b     Vermosh Bashkim – Qafa e Zabelit           

11c      Shtegu i bjeshkës së Purthiqit

            Qafa e Perdolecit – Qafa e Vushmacës – Maja e Grebenit 

12a      Shtegu i luftëtarit Mem Smajli – Trail of the warrior Mem Smajli (round trip):

            Vermosh (center) – Varrii (grave of )Memit – Vermosh Velipoja – Vermosh (center) 

12b     Shtegu i ujit të kuq(round trip)

            Vermosh (center) – VarriiMemit – Qafa e Mojanit – Zabel – Luguiujit - varriiMemit – Vermosh Velipoja – Vermosh (center) 

12c      Shtegu i majës së Marlulës(round trip)

            Vermosh (center) – VarriiMemit – Qafa e Mojanit - Maja e Marlulës – Zabel – varriiMemit – Vermosh Velipoja – Vermosh (center) 

13a      Shtegu i Grebenit

Vermosh (center) – Çakone -  Maja e Haramis – Maja e Grebenit – Qafa e Zabelit – Vermosh Bashkim    

13b     Shtegu i bjeshkës së Grebenit

Vermosh (center) – Çakone – bjeshka e Grebenit – Qafa e Zabelit – Vermosh Bashkim           

13c      Ngjitje në malin Greben

            Vermosh – Bjeshka e Grebenit – Maja e Grebenit                       

14        Shtegu i Dopkut(round trip)

            Lepushë - Gropa  eujit – Paja - Dopkë – Lepushë                       

15        Shtegu Maja e Berizhdolit(round trip)

            Lepushë - Qafa e Koprrishtit – Maja e Berizhdolit – Paja – Lepushë           

16a      Shtegu Qafa e Trojanit(round trip)

            Lepushë - Qafa e GuritNgusht – Qafa e Trojanit – Lepushë                       

16b     Shtegu Trojani i vogël

            Lepushë - Qafa e Trojanit - Maja e Trojanittëvogël (2134m)              

16c      Shtegu Qafa e Tute(round trip)

            Lepushë – Dopkë - Qafa e eTute – Lepushë           

17        Nikç – Qafa e Dobraçes - Theth 

18a      Skrapatush – Vila                        

18b     Shtegu i shkëmbinjve

Skrapatush – Vila – Jeshnica – Çakone

18c      Jeshnica – Gryka e Dhoz           

19        Shtegu i kanionit – Canyon trail:

            Vermosh Bashkim – Ujëvara – Kanion 

20a      Shtegu i Mbretëreshës së Bjeshkës –Queen of the Mountain Trail

            KishaSelcë  –Mreg – Jeshnica 

20b     Shtegu i Jeshnicës – Jeshnica Trail           

21a      Shtegu i Karramaneve

            KishaSelcë – Mreg           

21b     Shtegu i ujëvarës së Sllapit – Trail to Sllap waterfall

            Kisha Selcë – Mreg – Ujëvara e Sllapit 

22a      Shtegu i Shpellës së Shenjtë

            Ura e Tamarës - Kozhnje           

22b     Shtegu i gjuetarëve – Hunters’ Trail

            Ura e Tamarës – Koznje – Kozhnje e Sipërme           

24        Shtegu Qafa e Kercunës

            Lepushë - Qafa e Kercunës – Vukël              

26        Shtegu Qafa e Jamës

            Lepushë - Qafa e Jamës – Nikç             

27        Shtegu Qafa e Pejës(connection with Theth)

            Lepushë - Qafa e Jamës - Gropa e Koprrishtit - (Qafa e Pejës - Theth )                         

30a      Shtegu i Livadhit të Vajushës

            Lepushë - Qafa e Dobkut – Paja - Qafa e Vajushës – LivadhiiVajushës        

30b     Shtegu i Majës së Vajushës(round trip)

Lepushë - Qafa e Dobkut – Paja - Qafa e Vajushes - Maja e Vajushes (2059m) – Lepushë           

30c      Shtegu i Pajës – Trail of Paja


Trails connecting Kelmend with the Municipal Nature Park Shkrel 

  1. Bogë-Qafa e Bigës- Livadhet e Bogës-Qafa e Dobraçes-Nikç
  2. Bogë-Qafë e Keqe-Fushëzezë-Qafa e Kapes-Broje-Kozhnje